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Organic vegetables, pastured pork fresh organic eggs Brockville

Organic Vegetables, Fresh Eggs and Pastured Pork

Reconnect With Real Food

Are you struggling to find fresh, high-quality food?

We all want to be sure that our precious food dollars are well spent.  Yet it’s hard to feel confident about the quality of our food without having a connection to the farm that grew it.  The grocery store presents a dizzying array of faceless food options that lead to more questions than answers: was this grown using pesticides? Is it fresh and full of nutrients?  Were the animals well cared for?  If you don't know your farmer, there’s no way to really know the story of your food, so you can’t really be sure about the quality of what you’re eating. 

Pastured Pork Brockville Organic

So, how can you find great food?

We used to be in the same boat - we wanted good food for our family but didn't feel confident about how the food at the store was grown.  So, we started growing our own!  We relied on organic growing methods and great animal welfare in the hope that it would lead to the best outcome for all concerned. 


Now, after ten years of farming on our small farm north of Brockville, we know the whole story of how our food is grown.  And even better - it turns out that food grown organically, from happy animals, harvested ripe and eaten fresh also tastes fantastic!  So fantastic that we are inspired to share it with our community.


Our mission is to reconnect you with the source of your food so you can feel confident about what you're feeding your family, and delight in the quality of local, fresh, organic, real food.

Our Food

Fresh Eggs

Our small flock of 100 happy hens gets to forage in our fields and eat loads of grass and bugs, which means you get to enjoy the best-tasting, most nutrient-dense eggs around.   We supplement their diets with certified organic grains which means you can be sure your eggs are free from all pesticide residues and harmful chemicals.

Organic pastured eggs Brockville
chicken pastured eggs
Organic pastured chickens eggs Brockville
Organic chickens eggs Brockville
Chicks eggs organic Brockville

Organic Produce

We use organic growing practices that prioritize soil health such as the use of floating row covers, crop rotation, broad forking, and natural fertilizers, which means that in addition to being full of nutrients, your produce is completely free from synthetic chemicals and pesticides. We don't harvest anything until you order it, which means your vegetables will have the freshness and quality you can taste on your dinner plate.

Pastured organic pork Brockville

Pastured Pork

Our pigs enjoy a stress-free life roaming in our pastures, which has a positive impact on both their well-being and the quality of their meat.  We feed them organic grains, vegetables, apples, pumpkins, grasses and eggs, which means you get to enjoy delicious pork with a fantastic and complex flavor profile.

How it Works

Mesclun salad greens organic farm Brockville


Visit our online farm store anytime to place your order.


We'll contact you to arrange a convenient pick up or delivery time.


Enjoy fresh, delicious food and make your meals fantastic again!

What Our Customers are Saying

The taste and texture of their pork can't be beat, and it is absolutely the best we have ever tasted. We plan to continue to support Ginger Lane Farm and feel very lucky to be able to purchase these locally grown products so close to home.” 

- Marilyn C.

"The perfect combination of delicious and convenient.  I can order and pay online and then pick up whenever I pass by, or even get delivery.  Fresh, fresh, fresh produce picked minutes before I get it and the best. eggs. EVER. The bonus is seeing a yard full of happy chickens.  It's like having your own backyard garden but much easier and with better results..."

- Kim F.

“I love the eggs from these happy backyard chickens. The local delivery and online ordering are the cherry on top. Can’t wait for next summer to get the seasonal vegetables again, especially the carrots and kale!”

- Veadra D.

“I was so happy to find local eggs for sale and have not looked back. We have enjoyed the amazing fresh produce, herbs, eggs, and bacon. I am happy to support this local farm and the people who work hard to provide these superior products. So glad to have found this little gem!”

- Debbie M.

Fresh green beans produce organic Brockville

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